28 Sept - 6 October 2024

Entry to all events is via Eventor and  are expected to open January 1st 2024

Prior to entry check out the latest Bulletin for information on individual events, classes and entry fees, then complete your entries on Eventor.

Note that loan SI tags are Version 8, SI air tags are not available for hire.

Event entries close September 1st. Please note that all events are pre-entry only, no enter on the day available for any day. Please take this into consideration when completing your entries. Late entries will not be accepted.

Most Importantly prior to entering make sure all your details are correct – especially your SI Number.

If between entering and when entries close, you change your  SI number, remember to  change it in your Eventor account and check that it has changed on your entry. (If it hasn’t, then change it in your entry as well)


Contact the Entries Manager via the Contacts page.

Aust Sprint, Middle and Long Championships- Split Starts

All starts for Championship events will be by allocated start times.

Please email ronpallas@hotmail.com with any requests for split starts ensuring you include events, classes of all involved and preferred early/late runner.

Thunderbolts 3 days

 Starts for the Thunderbolts 3 days will be queuing starts

Australian Relay Championships.

Competitors wishing to run in the Australian Relay Championships must enter through the Australian Relay Championships – Individual entry portal

State Relay selectors will then select State Teams from entries in this portal.

The selected teams will then be posted on the Australian Relay Championships -State and Team Entry Portal

For all enquiries re entries

Ron Pallas



Australian Orienteering Championships Supporters